About Us

Many People have gotten the wrong idea, belief and impression of this company

Lebby Fairview Media Associates / Seatra America Southwest is not at all a Law Firm

Lebby Fairview Media Associates is not at all a Law Firm.

  • We are not at all into the practice of law.

  • We are not at all licensed in North Carolina for the practice of law.

  • We are Independent Paralegals.

  • We help and assist person in the obtaining of information.

  • We will go anywhere in North Carolina to obtain information in a client’s behalf.

  • We will make and provide copies of State and Federal court decisions.

  • We will not advise anyone about the law, or give legal advice.

  • We check into North Carolina Custody and Parole matters.

  • We do not advise anyone on law and/or any legal matters.

  • We will refer attorneys that we feel may best represent the client in a particular legal matter.

  • We proof read manuscripts, and other pertinent documents.

Since 1958 when LEBBY first began with the inception of COOL AIR MUSIC (BMI) then came LEBBY RECORDS as well as CONGAREE MUSIC (BMI) and LEBCO MUSIC (ASCAP) and other business ventures consisting of Laundromat’s, Vending Machines, Juke Boxes and Real Estate.

Lebby Fairview Media Associates

  • Presently, we assist persons in getting Civil, Criminal and/or Corporate Attorneys where such may well be needed.

  • We seek to get unknown authors manuscripts into print with self publishing.

  • We also inform persons on the ways and means to obtain numerous government health, Social Security and educational benefits.

  • We do what You Need us to do.

  • We communicate with numerous licensed attorneys.

  • We are an Associated Member of LEGAL SHIELD.

  • We travel from the mountains to the coast.

We accept our own slogan as being fact:

We are who we are! We are not new to this, we are true to this.

Let Lebby Fairview Media Associates be your guide and help you in getting your message across to the interested party.