About Us

We are who we are! We are not new to this, we are true to this

Many People have gotten the wrong idea, belief and impression of this company


  • We are not at all into the practice of law.

  • We run errands for clients.

  • We help and assist persons in the obtaining of desired documents and information when it is possible.

  • We will travel to any place in North Carolina from the mountains to the coast on a clients behalf in an attempt to retrieve documents and information on a client behalf.

  • If a client ask for information, we will make all attempts to get and / or obtain answers.

  • We proof read manuscripts.

  • We can do commercial Photography as well.

  • We do night sky observation.

  • We go and search where many persons would not dare to go.

  • We can do land scouting of prospective property for construction of cell towers.

  • We do research for material and documents that the client may have a need.

  • We will provide pertinent documents when it is possible.

  • We can do editing of manuscripts.

  • We can help authors to get their manuscripts prepared for self publishing.

  • We also promote Southern Soul and Carolina Beach Music.

  • We can do what the client may need done as long as it do not involve the Legal or Medical Professions.

Let us be your HELPING HAND every since 1958 when Lebby first began with the inception of COOL AIR MUSIC (BMI), Then LEBBY RECORDS as well as CONGAREE MUSIC (BMI) and LEBCO MUSIC (ASCAP) we have been around.

We are who we are! We are not new to this, we are true to this.

Let Lebby Fairview Media Associates be your guide and help you in getting your message across to the interested party.